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Sliver of a Full Moon 2022: Live Performance and Panel Discussion

Sliver of a Full Moon is a play that recounts the movement of Native women survivors, tribal leaders, and victim advocates who fought in 2013 to ensure that the re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act included the restoration of tribal criminal jurisdiction over non-Indian crimes of domestic violence, dating violence, and violation of protection orders. Now, almost ten years since VAWA 2013's passage, and following the passage of VAWA 2022 this last spring, Sliver of a Full Moon reflects on the crisis of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Persons. In the words of Lisa Brunner, VAWA 2013 was a miracle, but it is only a sliver of the full moon of restoration of tribal sovereignty and jurisdiction that will be necessary to keep Native women and children safe. This new version of the play was directed by the nationally acclaimed director and playwright Carolyn Dunn and will feature the talents of some of America's most well-known Native actors.

Performance by

  • Diane Millich, Jane Lind, Melissa Brady, Brenda Banda, Jason Grasl, Kimberly Guerrero, Shyla Lefner, Jeremy Sheldon, Sarah dAngelo, Nick Dalton, Tommy Cummings, Honokee Dunn Anderson, Micaela IronShell Dominguez, Tomantha Sylvester, Colleen Medicine

Panel Discussion Speakers

  • Dr. Carolyn M. Dunn, Assistant Professor of Theatre, California State University, Los Angeles; Co-Chair/CFA, Native American and Indigenous Peoples Caucus, California State University, Los Angeles

  • Yolanda Fraser, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons Activist

  • Kimberly Guerrero, Associate Professor of Theatre, Film, and Digital Production, University of California, Riverside


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