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Speaking Our Truth: Podcast for Change

Speaking Our Truth, Podcast for Change Episode 30: Kaysera, Four Years Later

About the Episode

Kaysera Stops Pretty Places went missing in 2019 at 18 years old. Five days later, her body was found near a busy thoroughfare. Fourteen days later, her family was notified. No investigation occurred. In this episode, we focus on Kaysera’s family. They have been organizing events for the past 4 years to bring awareness and ask for help in solving her case. This is a unique situation. It’s about what happens when you can’t rely on law enforcement.

About the Podcast

What is Speaking Our Truth, Podcast for Change?

Safety and justice require action. As a movement, we can use our collective voices to engage and influence change for Native women. Speaking Our Truth, Podcast for Change is an original podcast aimed at building joint action by the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center.


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