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January Issue of Child Trafficking Response Team Newsletter

The Child Trafficking Response Team (CTRT) would like to welcome you to the January 2023 Human Trafficking Prevention Month edition of our Newsletter. Every year since 2010, the President has dedicated the month of January to raise awareness about human trafficking and to educate the public about how to identify and prevent this crime.

During National Human Trafficking Prevention Month, the efforts of anti-trafficking entities, law enforcement officials, survivor advocates, communities of faith, businesses, and private citizens all around California are celebrated to raise awareness about human trafficking. Input from survivor leaders will be featured throughout this edition as well as during various events this month.

In this Issue

Human Trafficking Prevention Month

  • Human Trafficking Prevention Month Events

January 11th is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. In recognition of this important day, join the Blue Campaign’s largest initiative #WearBlueDay where people take photos of themselves, friends, family, and colleagues wearing blue clothing and share them on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – along with the #WearBlueDay hashtag.

  • PACT Project’s National Human Trafficking Prevention Month Toolkit

Preventing and Addressing Child Trafficking (PACT’s) National Human Trafficking Prevention Month Digital Toolkit, Event Calendar and Website inspires individuals, agencies, tribes, and communities across CA to consider ways to raise awareness and take action during January 2023! Click Here to download.

SNAPSHOT: Lived Experience Experts

  • Article written by Rachel Thomas

According to a published study in 2018 by Thorn, fifty-five percent of surveyed domestic sex trafficked youth entering the life in 2015 met their trafficker(s) through text, website, or an app, while only 45% of those domestic sex trafficked youth entering the life in 2015 met their trafficker(s) face to face.
  • Article written by Chelsey Holzer – CSEC Action Team Advisory Board Member

As a survivor who didn’t have access to help 14 years ago, when I was extremely vulnerable. I am now able to offer the perspective of what could have helped me sooner or even prevented my exploitation at all.

CSEC Program Spotlights

  • Michelle Guymon

She created a space for survivor leaders and allies to come together and embodies what it truly means to be survivor-centered and trauma informed. She is a fierce leader who has set the tone for collaboration.
  • Kern County Child Welfare

Work with county social workers to help them understand the prevalence of trafficking in their communities and likely within their caseloads, rather than simply mandating the training.

Data Dive

  • CSE Referrals – Placement Type

A total of 276 CSE referrals were identified. Approximately half the new CSE referrals came from youth who were residing in congregate care facilities such as shelters, group homes, temporary shelter care facilities, or short term residential therapeutic programs.

Upcoming Events

Throughout the year, the Child Trafficking Response Team will be hosting a screening of the BOYS Documentary. This screening is about men and boys throughout the United States who fall victim to human trafficking and are forced to sell their bodies for sex.

Resources and Training Opportunities

  • Training Information and Registration Links

    • CSEC – 101 – Cal SWEC

    • CSEC 102: Advanced Curriculum Course Description

    • Advanced CSEC Caregiver Training Course Description

  • Harm Reduction Guidance Series


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