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Conferencing for Advocacy Programs

Conferencing Options for Advocacy Programs during COVID-19 Pandemic

Technology Safety and Responsibility

The following is a list of tools that programs could consider for communicating with survivors remotely, that meet current best practice standards.

Two key factors to consider in any tool are:

  1. Encryption options where the tech company itself cannot see the content of the files because they do not hold the encryption key – only you do

  2. User access options that allow you to control user-by-user access to the content.

While we do not endorse these tools, they are well-suited to protect privacy as they are currently set up

  1. Resource Connect: instant messaging for staff and volunteers

  2. Gruveo: Video calling

  3. Cyph: Video calling, instant messaging, group chatting

  4. Tresorit, SpiderOak’s Semaphor, Mega, Sync, and pCloud: File Sharing

  5. Zoom: video conferencing, conference calls, and screen sharing

  6. Recommends to use a password for meeting access for sensitive meetings.


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