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National Crime Victim Law Conference is off...but STAY TUNED!

After regular tracking of the situation, National Crime Victim Law Institute (NCVLI) has decided to call off the June Conference. We make this decision now rather than closer to June to ensure that we do not contribute to the uncertainties we are all navigating. While it is disappointing to not to be together in person this summer, your safety and well-being made this decision clear. But hold on...keep the June 18-19 date on your calendar! In place of the in-person Conference, on June 18-19 we will be hosting a national online conversation “Victims’ Rights in the Era of COVID -19”. This will be an opportunity to discuss strategies to ensure victims’ rights and interests are factored in standing court and executive orders, and the many policies emerging that dictate our new ways of doing business. Details coming soon! In addition, we are exploring an online version of the Crime Victim Law Conference for later this year. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, we remain dedicated to continually updating our centralized list of COVID-19 resources, including creating templates to secure victims' rights during this time. How we write the next chapter matters more than ever in this time. We look forward to continuing the work with all of you.

Take good care,

Meg Garvin Executive Director, NCVLI

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