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All Nations Health Center

Missoula, MT, USA

FY2019 and FY 2022

The Missoula Project Beacon is a grant-funded initiative that aims to create a network of trauma-informed providers and services that are available to American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) survivors of human trafficking. Our objective is to enhance the quality and quantity of services available to assist urban AIAN survivors of sex trafficking while also educating our partner organizations and the Missoula community as a whole on culturally-appropriate ways to address human trafficking.

As the first and only initiative in Western Montana aimed specifically at assisting urban AIAN human trafficking survivors, Project Beacon hopes to bring healing and resiliency opportunities to our Indigenous communities. Together with our partner agencies, we seek to advocate for our stolen sisters and brothers, train our community on how to spot indicators of trafficking, and bring our community together to offer a space of holistic wellness.

All Nations Health Center
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